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With the advancement of technology in every field, television resolution is no less. Every year one can see new and better products with improved features coming to the market. Just a few years back, the world thought that the 4K resolution was the peak of innovation in the television industry, but then came the 4K Ultra HD, and now 8K has been taking the market by storm.

If one doesn’t know much about 8K displays or is looking for a perfect large 8K display for their space, one need not worry, as this article is exactly what one has been looking for.

What is the Difference Between 8K and Other Displays?

4K Ultra HD is considered to have a resolution four times better than Full HD(4K), making 8K 16 times better than Full HD. The tech market is making progress in the resolution daily, and more and more companies are coming into this product line. Thus, it’s very important to find the right TV with the best 8K display, a screen suited for your space, the right color display, and a price worth all its features. Are you worried about how or where to find such a product? Don’t worry; we have got just the 120-inch 8K display, so one need not look any further.


Be mesmerized with SHARP’s life-sized 120” 8K display. The gigantic SHARP 8M-B120C is not a projector nor multiple screens combined together but rather a single-panel display offering 16X times more pixels than FHD and 4x times more pixels than 4KUHD – a true 8K (7680 × 4320) resolution with Dolby Audio technology that awakens all senses of its viewers. The best part about this product is it’s suited for every space, whether one is designing their living room or need a big HD screen display for their home theatres or even in offices for presentation or board meetings. It provides an upper-class experience no matter where one uses it and boosts their confidence as well.

SHARP 8M-B120C single-panel vs. Most Large Screen Displays

Unlike most large format displays (LFD) that offer 0.8mm to 4mm Pixel Pitch on average, SHARP’s 120-in 8K display offers an ultra-fine 0.3mm pixel pitch. This means that audience can stand very close to the display and still relish the crystal-clear content. Compared to other screens, the SHARP 8M-B120C provides a single display that promotes a smooth and clear experience for the viewer. Other screens with such big displays are divided into modules, and multiple modules are linked together to make one single screen, but when pitched together, these screens provide a less clear look and not ensuring the smooth single display look, which on the other hand, is ensured in the 120-inch display of SHARP 8M-B120C.

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Supports HDR10

Whenever there is a screen with such a big display, the use of high dynamic range, HDR becomes necessary to provide the display with a much-needed final look. Unfortunately, in some cases, either there is no use of HDR or such irresponsible use that the screen display loses all its reality and depth. But, one is in luck, as SHARP 8M-B120C is manufactured in such a way that its image processing engine restores the luminance data in HDR, which in turn allows for the images to be displayed on the screen with high-contrast and low reflection panel. These two qualities provide the screen with a sense of depth, reality, and texture that most 8K display screens currently available in the market still lack.

biggest 8k tv best 8mb120c

Bespoke life-sized display that supports 8K60p/4K120p

One may ask a question if they are watching a film or any video with a display of at most 4K or Full HD, then what benefit will any 8K screen provide? That is a good concern when buying other displays, but the SHARP 8M-B120 C has a super-resolution technology that works by analyzing video signals to catch up on the details present in the original video and then reconstruct these details to make the video display in the quality of 8K. In short, the images and the videos are remade to be of 8K quality, thus providing the viewers with a better view than that offered on any other screen.

Discover SHARP 8M-B120C

Where to Buy SHARP 8M-B120C?

Impressed by the vast qualities offered and need to know where to buy it. Don’t worry; all one needs to do is visit the website. One can explore the product a bit more or simply buy it directly from the original website


Is this screen all about the display, or has a good sound also?

To ensure the best sound quality, SHARP 8M-B120C comes with the support of Dolby Sound, thus making the sound quality much better than the original sound of the video being played.

Is there an option for HDMI on the screen?

Yes, SHARP 8M-B120C is HDMI supported and has an HDMI port attached to it.

What is the pixel pitch of this screen?

The pixel pitch of this screen is 0.3mm.

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