Why is Dubai Worth Visiting? | Best Places to Visit in Dubai 2022

Why is Dubai worth visiting?

When I first heard about Dubai, I was not very excited. The rich country with the most luxurious hotels is definitely worth a visit, but I never thought that this place had more to offer than just shopping and luxury services.

Dubai surprises everyone and you will be surprised too! It’s a great place for tourists – modern, beautiful and full of exciting places to visit.

What Makes Dubai So Special?

Here’s what actually makes Dubai stand out in terms of tourism.

1. Best Shopping Malls

shoping mall in dubai

The world’s best shopping malls Dubai is known as having the most expensive stores in the world, where people are here to work every day not only because of their salary but also for pleasure. Shopping centers are open 24/7 and even on holidays, which makes it possible to set foot in this place during Christmas or Easter. Just so you know, the biggest mall in the world is here – Dubai Mall with 1,200 shops and a shopping area of ​​ 8 million square meters!

2. Extreme Entertainment

Entertainment in Dubai

As soon as you hit Dubai, you will have a feeling that anything can happen here. You can visit a place where a camel is walking right next to a Ferrari, and you do not have to worry about anything. In the evening, you can go for dinner at one of these restaurants on an island 16 kilometers from the coast, where luxurious yachts are constantly docked.

3. Beautiful Nature

Discovering the Natural Beauty of Dubai

The place where Dubai is located now was once empty. After the oil was found here, everything changed quickly and this city began to be built from scratch. It’s incredible that you can see skyscrapers next to Arabian castles. And even though people come here only for work and entertainment, there are still a lot of parks and gardens. It is astonishing that Dubai has 16 square meters of green area per 1 capita!

What is the Best Time to Visit Dubai?

It is best to visit this place in the winter, between December and February. At this time there is not very hot weather (not more than 30 degrees Celsius), and rainfall is minimal. Prices will be lower during this period, accommodation will cost less money.

Dubai has one of the most exciting tourist seasons throughout the year. It’s worth visiting this place, even if it is only for a few days. You should also make sure to visit the famous festival – Dubai Shopping Festival.

If you want to visit one of the most modern and interesting cities in the world, then hurry up! Summer is coming and prices will be high again.

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How Much Does a Dubai Trip Cost in Dollars for 15 Days?

I went there in August and it cost me about $1500 which included airfares, hotel stay, etc.

The weather will be hot so you’d have to take that into account too.

It depends on what type of trip you want to have…the usually short visits are the least expensive but it also depends on what you want to do while there.

12 Best Places To Visit in Dubai 2022

1. Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa

This skyscraper is the highest building not only in Dubai but also in all of Asia (828 meters). If you manage to climb up to the viewing platform (124th floor) – you get to enjoy the incredible view of the whole city!

2. Dubai Museum

Dubai Museum

The museum is amazing, it offers attractions for all tastes. You can see all types of rare exhibits, covering several thousand years of history. It’s hard to believe that the place where this museum is located now was just deserted 100 years ago!

3. Souk Madinat Jumeirah

Souk Madinat Jumeirah

This souk (bazaar) belongs to one of the most popular places in Dubai, where you should definitely go if you come here. If you are a fan of oriental style and atmosphere, then this bazaar will be perfect for you because there are plenty of shops with souvenirs, handmade crafts, and original decorations.

4. Burj Al-Arab Hotel

Burj al-Arab Hotel

This is a must-visit place if you want to see Dubai from an unusual angle! This building is the only one in the world that is built as a sailing boat, it is even named as such, but no one can say why …

5. Atlantis Palm Jumeirah Hotel and Aquaventure Waterpark

Atlantis Palm Jumeirah Hotel and Aquaventure Waterpark

Not far from Burj al-Arab there is another luxurious hotel belonging to the same group. The main advantage of this place is its own water park with a huge number of attractions, so adults will have fun here too 🙂 Here you can try all kinds of slides and pools with artificial waves! Plus there are many restaurants for those who don’t want to go for a massage or tanning, but just have lunch.

6. Camel Ride at the Desert Safari

Camel Ride at the Desert Safari

This is an unforgettable experience if you are very lucky with the weather conditions! Although it may be that you’ll have to wear special clothes to protect yourself from the sand. Also, don’t forget about photos – especially when your camel starts to spit 🙂

7. Jumeirah Mosque

Jumeirah mosque

It’s hard not to notice this beautiful building even if you fly by plane above Dubai because it has two huge white domes and four solid minarets (towers). This place is called “the most beautiful mosque in Dubai” according to almost all tourists who have visited here once.

8. Ski Dubai

Ski Dubai

Although everyone knows that there are no ski resorts in the UAE, you can still enjoy skiing at this huge sports complex. Here you will find artificial snow, different slopes, and even a ski school! Take your friends with you 🙂

9. The Palm Islands

The Palm Islands

This is one of the main attractions of Dubai – an artificial archipelago that has grown right next to Jumeirah beach. This place is among the “New Wonders of the World” thanks to its uniqueness. To visit this place you need to take a boat ride through the mangrove forest.

10. Gold Souk

Gold Souk

If you are brave enough to bargain here, then gold souk is for sure something interesting for you! It’s hard to believe that there are so many shops here where you can buy gold – especially considering the fact that Dubai is located in the desert!

11. Skydive Dubai

Sky Diving Dubai

If you’ve ever dreamed of doing a parachute jump, then this agency has just what you need! The only thing here is to choose how high and where your jump would be 🙂

12. Icebergs


This place certainly doesn’t belong among those things that everyone knows about Dubai, but it’s being planned. And, we are sure that when it comes to running, it would be worth visiting even for such a reason as having fun on gigantic iceberg-shaped sculptures made from ice!

The entertainment and best places in Dubai just do not end up here. There are unlimited beautiful places to visit in Dubai. So, plan your next trip to Dubai and experience something new.

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