Social Media Marketing Scope in UAE

Social Media Marketing Scope in UAE

One of the most effective and strategic ways to Increase a business in the UAE is to market through social media. The best Job in digital marketing is social media marketing as it has a lot of demand. Social media marketing is done by a person who is well aware of all social media platforms and by introducing innovative and unique ideas they increase brand awareness and sales among the people using social media.

In today’s world where the internet has become a global village, with everyone turning online in search of answers, the best way to reach and determine your target audience is to market through social media. Thus social media marketing, search engine optimization as well as digital marketing has a huge scope in UAE.

Social Media Jobs in UAE

Social Media Jobs in Dubai

Due to the UAE market facing a demand for a digital marketing specialist as it is one of the largest markets for internet marketing the UAE industry for job opportunities in social media marketing is booming. Many companies are it large or small are hiring individuals solely responsible to market their business on the internet.

Due to the advancing technology, there is a need for the company’s social media presence or it is very difficult for the brand to become known solely by the traditional methods of marketing. Due to these reasons, companies are hiring social media marketing specialists responsible for Facebook marketing, Snapchat marketing as well as Instagram marketing. Moreover, there are different online social media service providers that can help you grow your social media. You can opt for different services such as buy Instagram followers. from these 5 top-rated websites.

Many Jobs portal has introduced many Jobs regarding digital marketing, 2018 stats show that in social media marketing the following job portals had introduced these amount of jobs.

  • NaukriGulf:- 3260
  • Indeed:- 981
  • Glassdoor:- 75

Keeping this in mind these opportunities have increased a lot with time and especially after the coronavirus pandemic where many businesses have shifted online due to customer demand.

Job Responsibilities and Pay Scale

Job Responsibilities and Pay Scale

There are several responsibilities carried out by a social media specialist. They have to build a social media presence, which often involves creating a page for the brand. Along with this, they need to come up with a social media strategy on what is the target audience is how to strategically boost the page’s activity to get noticed.

A person needs to create ad campaigns on social media to reach the target audience effectively. The social media marketing specials need to get very creative in designing the content for example coming up with catchy captions or making the use of hashtags to get noticed. They need to keep updating their content to maintain the brand’s presence on social media.

A social media marketing specialist gets fair pay. Stats show that on average the specialist gets a pay of 74K however the pay can be more ranging from 30K to 182K.


In conclusion, due to brands wanting to have an online presence to keep up with the growing technology and consumer activities there is a huge scope for social media marketing in UAE.

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