Places to Buy Ps5 UAE Pre-Order and Availability


Ps5 is the most wanted gaming console for avid gamers. It plays almost all ps4 games while also loading and running better than before. The Ps5 comes with a stunning 4K performance. The gaming experience is captivating with its shockingly fast load times and the excellent controller. The Ps5 gaming console truly upgrades the gaming experience at home.

When was Ps5 Launched?

When was Ps5 Launched

The PS5, the ninth generation of video games and gaming consoles, launched on 12th November 2020 in most countries, including the US, Australia, and UAE. Since its initial launch, PlayStation 5 has received an excellent response and is always high in demand.

What Stores are Offering Ps5?

These stores are providing the Sony PlayStation 5 console for sale.

City Store Location
Dubai Sony Dubai  Mall
Abu Dhabi Al-Mansoora games Dalma Mall
Sharjah Games World UAE Industrial Area – Muwailih Commercial

Are there any Websites Offering Ps5 UAE?

1. Microless


This website offers PS5 console UAE and delivers to Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi. It also offers the best price starting from AED2,698 for the standard/disk edition.

2. Jumbo

This website offers PlayStation 5 UAE and has excellent prices. It also provides individual accessories for ps5, for example, the controller. The ps5 price in UAE starts from AED 2,378.

3. Etisalat


Ps5 Etisalat also has the availability of ps5 Dubai and offers a reasonable price which is better than the other two websites. It offers the disk edition for AED 2,099 and the digital edition for AED 1,599.

How to Pre-Order Ps5?

How to Pre-Order Ps5

Ps5 can be pre-ordered if it is not in stock on the website you are looking into. Follow these steps to place ps5 preorder UAE.

  1. Open a reliable website offering pre-order play stations 5.
  2. Search play station 5 pre-order in the search bar or go to a pre-order or PlayStation store section.
  3. Place your order after giving details.
  4. Wait for your ps5 UAE preorder to get gaming!

Difference between the Digital Edition and Disk Edition

 Difference between Digital Edition and Disk Edition

The ps5 comes in two ways. The standard disk edition and the digital edition. The main difference between the two is their price. The expected disk edition costs £449 to £ 499. At the same time, the digital edition costs £359 to £399. On the digital edition, physical media cannot be played. This also includes all the previous games from ps4. Other than this, the digital edition is small in profile compared to the other version. If you are looking to buy PlayStation 5 games, the Ps5 digital edition UAE will be much cheaper; however, keep in mind that no physical games can be played.


Where to buy ps5 in UAE?

There are many reliable video game stores and websites available and mentioned above.

How much is the ps5 in UAE?

The Ps5 price in UAE is AED 2,099, while the digital edition is 1,680.

When will ps5 restock in UAE?

Some chip shortage problems affect tech companies; however, it will be restocked shortly, and you can buy ps5 UAE.

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