Is Your Swimming Amenity Getting Old Or Being Neglected?


As an owner of a swimming amenity, swimming pool maintenance is one major hassle. It is very likely that your swimming amenity is being neglected or not being maintained properly. A pool needs to be cleared of dirt, leaves, sticks, and much more. The kind and amount of cleaning that is needed for a pool depending on the size, existing filtration system, plumbing, type of pool, and the amount of waste it usually collects. You can either maintain your pool yourself or hire a professional pool cleaner.

DIY Pool Cleaning and Maintenance

DIY Pool Cleaning and Maintenance

If you opt for cleaning the pool yourself, using a hand vacuum is the easiest option. You can attach a skimmer box to your vacuum and use it manually around the inner surfaces of the pool. Doing this once a week for an hour or an hour and a half should do the trick.

Hire a Pool Cleaner

Alternatively, you can hire swimming pool services for pool maintenance. There are numerous pool services in most locations that you can hire to do the task. A pool service company will also keep regular checks to identify when maintenance is required and will do the repair duty whenever the need arises. Typically, the job of a swimming pool service includes the following on a weekly or every two weeks:

  • Vacuuming the inner surface of the pool to remove leaves and dust.
  • Skimming the water surface to remove debris.
  • Emptying the skimmer baskets that have collected all the waste from the pool.
  • Cleaning the inner surfaces by scrubbing the walls and steps.
  • Maintaining the filters in order to ensure that they work properly.
  • Checking the water pH on a regular basis.
  • Maintaining chemical levels in the water.
  • Shocking the pool.

The tasks employed by a pool service company in different seasons vary according to varying requirements. The time of the year plays an important role but pool cleaning is not a seasonal operation but continues all through the year.

A professional pool cleaner is cleaning the pool


In spring, the focus is on preparing the pool for use in the following season. Their job in this season includes removing the pool covers, skimming and cleaning the pool, balancing pH and chemicals, ensuring that the pumps and other equipment are in working condition, and informing the owners about the safety issues.


In summers, since the pool is used very frequently and on a regular basis, the pool services make weekly visits. They check the levels of chemicals, skim the debris, and keep the water safe for use. If they see a need to install some safety items like handrails, they will consult the family on the matter.


When fall arrives and the weather gets colder, the maintenance workers close off the pools. They may even make suggestions for any new equipment or chemicals needed in order to protect the pool when it is not in use.


In winters, the pool is certainly not something on your mind with the already freezing cold. In this season the workers rarely pay a visit to make the normal checks.

Pool maintenance is one tiring task but with a pool service company at your disposal, everything is made much easier. 

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