How To Make An Auto Clicker Macro?

How To Make An Auto Clicker Macro

Auto Clicker Macro is an auto clicker software that enables the mouse to click automatically without having manual control after every fixed interval. These can also be stimulated by using previous recordings that are saved in their data.

Thus, the auto clicker is a simple program or software that works on the mouse to click spontaneously—these types of software work with the computer system accordingly. The macro performs numerous functions such as clicking, performing automatic tasks, and running computer software without clicking.

Making Auto Clicker Macro

We know that there is a specific programming language behind making any software or application. Various programs are used in making computer operations like Python, Javascript, and HTML. But the most advanced and best technique is Python which has been used by many programmers for making the latest software.

Steps To Make Auto Clicker Software

  • The first step involves importing time, threading, controller, and import button by user input—mouse module.
  • The second step is to create variables like delay, button, and start-stop key. It’s the most crucial step for building the exact macro that we have planned for it.
  • Build class threading for proper arrangement of the buttons, delay, and controllers.
  • Now, put some methods to control the threads externally.
  • Threads start, and now the program running is ensured for perfect starting of the elements. It will help you to check whether it’s working correctly or not.

Create an Instance for the Clicking of  Mouse Control

Now, create a press-on step forward, and it gives you a keyboard listener, which helps take instruction from the user during the running of the software.

How to Use AutoClicker Macro

It’s a straightforward software that requires some steps to follow for its work. When you run the macro, add the application’s name for auto-clicking, command line, and other necessary settings, it starts working for this program.

For proper function, you must keep in mind to add the application’s name, which has a unique and short name. Because If multiple applications are there with the same name, it may disturb the performance of the software.

Try to create a shortcut at the desktop window for fast access to the auto clicker. After selecting the vital settings, now you can run the auto clicker for your desire application. For running the macro, try to use specific keys for getting an immediate response.

In case you don’t want to use an auto clicker, you can make your mouse click faster instead of using an auto clicker.


Launch the software for testing and regular usage once you select the program and complete the essential steps for smooth running. If you find some glitches or errors, you can also make some changes to its smooth working. However, these types of software are not with large files but sometimes interfere with multiple applications with the same names.

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