How to Make a QR Code for Instagram [Easy Steps]

How to Make a QR Code for Instagram

Nowadays the scan rate for every single field has increased. Businesses, influencers, models, and small brands have switched to making a QR code for Instagram. So, what happens is that when someone can’t find your user’s name, you can send them your Instagram QR code. The user will scan the code and will be landed directly on your page. Let us look in-depth at what an Instagram code is and how to make it.

What Does An Instagram QR Code Mean?

For connecting with anyone’s Instagram profiles, a QR code serves the purpose, no matter business or personal. So, any person who scans up your Instagram QR code will be directed to your page. After landing, he can follow you, like, and view your images and details.

If you are a big fan of getting more followers, likes, and comments, you can rely on QR code. Using a code will not only help you gain more boost but also more leads and sales as a business. By simply making a customised QR code, you are ready to bring in.

How Does Instagram QR Code Work?

QR Code for Instagram

Whenever you share your personal QR code with any user, he can scan the code easily. Once the code is scanned, he will land on your profile. After this, you will be able to see more engagement as well as high traffic on your brand. So, are you excited about how to make an Instagram QR code? Let’s dig into it.

How To Generate Instagram QR Code?

Instagram QR Code

Generating your own QR code is simple and takes no time. All you need to do is

  • Go to the setting on your profile on Instagram and tap the QR code.
  • You can see the Nametag present there.
  • After the proceeding, the Nametag will become a QR code.
  • You can easily save or share the code on different platforms like e-mail, Instagram, and other social media handles.

However, recently there came a new update on Instagram named Nametag. It is an internal code that can only be scanned up using the Instagram camera. So, it deprecates the QR code internally.

There are multiple other apps that also allow you to develop your QR code internally. Like Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat along with Spotify. But, surprisingly, Instagram has a more developed and open QR system.

Advantages Of Instagram QR Code

Instagram is the best visual promotional platform. It not only encourages the users to engage but also increases the chances of your growth along with visibility. To enhance your follower count and sales, you need to promote your Instagram. For that purpose, you can go with the QR code. So, let us see some of the significant advantages of the Instagram QR code.

Best Marketing

Nowadays, every single person relies on contactless marketing. So this is why Instagram itself has launched its internal QR code generator. This update has made the process of growing easier for businesses. By simple sharing, you gain a lot of users automatically.

By designing a QR code and adding customization, logo, notes, colors, and CTA buttons, you increase your chances of leading because every single personalization step leads you towards more attention seeking.

Easy Gain Of Followers And Sales

As a business, your main aim is always to lead and get higher sales than any other of your competitors. So, all you need to do is switch towards a QR code and let more people explore your profiles. Even if a person lands on your site, you will automatically get engagement, traffic, and sales.

So, high engagement leads you towards a boost in business from a local towards a brand site.


An Instagram QR code is a great way to connect with anyone’s Instagram profile and increase followers, likes, and comments. By simply generating your own QR code, you can bring in more leads and sales as a business.

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