How To Find Used Furniture For Sale in Dubai?

Used Furniture in dubai for sale

Trying to find good condition furniture for sale in Dubai can be an expensive and wasteful exercise, throwing out perfectly usable pieces along with the worn or broken ones.

Look at it this way: you’re paying somebody else to take that old sofa off your hands, but if you’ve got a few connections (or know where to look), there are plenty of ways around this issue.

Yard Sales and Car Boot Sales

Yard Sale Dubai

Yard sales (also known as car boot sales) are where people sell everything from clothes to hardware outside their homes, often signaling very cheap prices.

These events usually happen on weekends and can be hard to track down given the lack of advertising; the best time is early when sellers arrive very early and set up their stalls.

Online and Offline Buy and Sell Pages

Online and Offline Buy and Sell Pages Online buy and sell (or swap) pages on social media are popular in the UAE; Facebook alone has dozens, with Instagram and Twitter hosting more – each catering to different suburbs or groups of people.

Search hashtags like #dubai_furniture (“Dubai furniture” in Arabic) and most likely you’ll find what you’re looking for. If not, try adding a postcode or location to your search.



Gumtree is an international classifieds website that’s been running since 2000 – long before buying was even possible on mobile devices! The site covers 12 countries with over 700 cities, so it’ll be easy for someone selling in the UAE to list their goods.



Craigslist is another popular site, focusing on blogs for cities and small regions within them – perfect if you’re only looking in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, for example.

Just remember that without strong security measures, your privacy may be at risk when using this site.

Friends and Family Sellers

Ask around for people selling furniture in the next few weeks – someone always knows a friend or acquaintance with something to sell! It doesn’t hurt to ask.

If you find anything good, make sure to let Dubai Loot know about it! We’ll keep checking back with you to see what amazing things people have been uncovering in second-hand stores around town.

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