Gold Souk Abu Dhabi – Shops, Location, & More


The Gold Souk in Abu Dhabi is a fantastic place to look for gold and other metals. This souk dates back hundreds of years, and originally started as a trade centre for agricultural produce. Over time it has grown into one of the region’s largest gold markets. Originally the souk was located near Liwa Street, but new shops have been built in Abu Dhabi’s Madinat Zayed Shopping Centre. This building is now known as the Gold Souk, and it offers a great selection of jewellery shops including Abu Dhabi gold too.


Gold Market In Abu Dhabi

The Abu Dhabi Gold Souk has a number of different sections with various items on sale. You can buy everything from carpets to pearls, and bridal outfits to Abu Dhabi gold. The Abu Dhabi Gold Souk is particularly well known for its jewellery shops. These sell all sorts of different pieces, including rings, necklaces, and earrings. You can choose between Abu Dhabi gold or silver in many cases, or even choose both for a more mixed look. Abu Dhabi gold is very popular, as it takes advantage of Abu Dhabi’s plentiful supply of this material. Abu Dhabi has a rich supply of natural resources, and this also includes gold. The Abu Dhabi Gold Souk is therefore one of the best places to buy Abu Dhabi gold.

It can be difficult to know which shops to go for when you’re faced with the Abu Dhabi Gold Souk. Many of them sell similar products, and it can be hard to know who offers the best Abu Dhabi gold. For this reason, your jeweller is a good place to start when buying Abu Dhabi gold or any other material. They will often have links with various shops in Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi gold Souk included, and can recommend the best places to buy Abu Dhabi gold.

They are often specialists in Abu Dhabi gold too and will be able to show you a greater variety of Abu Dhabi gold than many other shops. For this reason, it is always worth visiting your jeweller first if you want Abu Dhabi gold or another material. They may also be able to offer Abu Dhabi gold in different colours, or with other precious metals added for a unique design.

Gold Souk Shops In Abu Dhabi

While the list of gold jewellery shops located in Gold Souk Abu Dhabi is fairly extensive, here are some of the well-known outlets which are popular with most gold buyers in the capital.

  • Al Jazira Jewellery
  • Joyalukkas
  • Kalyan Jewellers
  • Sunny Jewellery
  • Damas Jewellery
  • Malabar Gold and Diamond
  • Jawhara Jewellery
  • Baniyas Jewellery
  • Pure Gold Jewellers
  • Al Riyadh Jewellery
  • Al Harmain Jewellery

Location & opening Of Gold Souk In Abu Dhabi

If you are planning a visit, here are some of the operational details of the Gold Souk in Abu Dhabi.

Gold Souk Abu Dhabi Location: Between Airport Road and Murour Road, off Sheikh Zayed the 1st Road, Madinat Zayed Shopping Centre, Abu Dhabi
Gold Souk Abu Dhabi Contact: +971-2-633-3311
Gold Souk Abu Dhabi Opening Hours: 09:00 am to 10:30 pm (Saturday to Thursday) | 04:00 pm to 11:00 pm  (Friday)

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