Dubai Desert Safari Tour Guide

Dubai Desert Safari Tour Guide

Dubai, being UAE’s largest city, is home to exciting and thrilling activities and amazing views, attracting hundreds of tourists from all over the globe. A trip to Dubai is perhaps one the most exciting and luxurious experiences, a once-in-a-lifetime experience. And it just gets even more exciting with a few fulfilled activities on your bucket list, one of which is Desert safari Dubai. A desert safari is a thrilling adventure in Dubai’s deserts.

It is a very appealing and luxurious insight into the area’s native culture, offering a great experience to explore the Arabian wilderness in all its beauty. Besides exploring the Arabian desert’s breathtaking views, visitors are entertained by exciting safari rides, BBQ, live dance performances, and much more!

We won’t keep you waiting if you’re here to know more about the Desert safari in Dubai. Let’s cover everything you should know!

Things to Consider Before Visiting the Dubai Desert Safari

Before preparing for your desert safari, you’ll need to remember some precautions to follow. Here are some of the things you should consider.

1. Dress ComfortablyDress Comfortably

In terms of dressing, you don’t need to follow formal guidelines, but it’s always best to stay comfortable and prepare yourself for the weather. Since the temperature in the desert during the daytime is warm, keep your summer clothes with you. Wear light and loose clothes to stay cool in the heat. Yet, don’t forget to keep your winter stuff like shawls, jackets, socks, etc., because the temperature is lower at night. Try to wear sandals or flip-flops because you’ll need to get off the vehicle time and again.

2. Prepare Well for Dune Bashing Ride

When you go on your ride, you need to keep yourself safe. So make sure to listen to what your guide says and follow his/her guidelines on your Dubai Desert Safari ride. Wear your seat belts and all the safety gear, including chest, knee guards, and a helmet. Don’t eat too heavy before the ride because it can disturb your stomach.

3. Consider Your Physical HealthConsider Your Physical Health

Some desert safari activities like Dune bashing are suitable for people with health problems like back or cardiac issues. Pregnant women are not allowed to take part in bumpy safari rides.

4. See If Everyone is Comfortable

You need to keep in mind the comfort of your family as well. If you or any of your family members aren’t comfortable with a specific activity like shisha smoking or belly dance, you can pick a safari tour that excludes these activities.

5. Keep Your Tissues and Water BottlesKeep Your Tissues and Water Bottles in desert dubai

It’s advised to keep a water bottle with you because the travel is long. Some essentials to keep in your backpack are water and tissues. Keep yourself hydrated!

6. Don’t Pack too Heavy

Make sure not to keep your backpack too heavy because it will make it hard for you to enjoy the desert safari activities. So, try to pack as light as you can.

7. Select the Best TimeDesert

When you plan your desert safari, make sure to select a suitable time. Summer days are very hot. Evenings are the most ideal time because you get to enjoy the sunset, followed by a cool night.

Desert Safari Types and Activities

To make your trip more thrilling, you have different activities to take part in. With the cultural music, exciting rides, and amazing food, you’ll enjoy your desert safari to the fullest. Here are some of the types of desert safaris and the activities you can enjoy here.

1. Morning Desert SafariMorning Desert Safari

A morning desert safari is designed to let you enjoy the magnificent views of the desert. This is the time when you get to see everything bigger and brighter, capturing the early sun rays as they fall on the golden-colored sand dunes. Other than the freshness of the morning air, the morning desert safari allows you to explore the beauty of the desert in the shortest time possible.

2. Evening Desert Safari

The evening is the most popular time to enjoy a desert safari, chosen by tourists to experience moderate weather. Taking a start in mid-afternoon, the safari ends in the night’s first half, enabling the tourists to explore the desert charms. This safari offers visitors the amazing chance to relax, enjoy, and explore the views of the desert. After sunset, it’s upon you whether you want to enjoy dune bashing or go for dinner and camping. For those who love exploring and capturing the beauty of landscapes, the evening desert safari is the best option.

3. Overnight Desert SafariOvernight Desert Safari

Being an extension of the evening safari, the overnight desert safari is designed for people who love watching the night sky. After enjoying a fantastic dune bashing experience, you may relax and enjoy camping, viewing the starry night of the desert. Since it’s an overnight safari, you can enjoy breakfast with a beautiful sunrise view.

4. Red Dune Safari

Dubai’s Red Dune Safari takes you through the mysterious and adventurous Al Lahbab region and its red dunes. You can decide whether you want the evening or morning red dune safari, but in any case, be prepared for all the thrill and adventure.

5. Hot Air Balloon RideHot Air Balloon Ride

This unique experience is not covered in the Dubai desert safari, but if you want to enjoy the natural beauty of the DDCR, the Dubai Desert Conversation Reserve, this is the thing for you. The hot air balloon ride takes you through the vast desert landscape so that you can explore the beautiful wildlife and breathtaking landscape. Photographs, flight certificates, and a traditional breakfast are included in the package.

6. Desert Dinner

If you aren’t up for dune bashing or other thrilling rides and want to go for something simple and quiet, desert camping with dinner is a good option. You can enjoy dinner under the desert’s starry night. There are many non-veg and veg food options to choose from. The dinner starts with appetizers, followed by the main course, and then ends with a sweet dish.


What dessert safaris are offered in Dubai?

There are many different types of desert safaris, with the evening desert safari, morning desert safari, and adventure desert safari being the most popular ones.

What is the ideal time for a Dubai desert safari?

The best time for a desert safari is between September and February because of the mild weather. Ahead of these months, the weather gets very hot.

What do I need to bring on my desert safari?

You need to bring minimal things with you, but the essential ones include a hat, a pair of sunglasses, sunscreen, and a water bottle.


While Dubai is, itself a place filled with thrill and adventure and a lot of amazing sites, the Dubai desert safari is an experience not to miss. If you plan your trip to Dubai, make sure not to miss out on the desert safari because it truly is, a once in a lifetime experience. Explore the beauty of the desert and enjoy the thrilling activities. We are sure you’ll love it!

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