Can We Find Legit News On Internet In 2021

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Legit News is a news platform as well as Nigerian digital media. Generally, legit is the short name of Legitimate which means trustworthy and honest. Many bloggers give fake news through their blogs and people who like and share their blogs trust this news provided to them. But this news is often fake, everyone wants to know about legit news, but the question arises how would you find out true news over the internet?

History Of Legit News

Legit news is a technology-driven media founded in 2012 and popularly known as and its headquarters are in Nigeria, Lagos, and Ikeja, and its editorial hub is launched in its country’s capital Abuja in May 2015. Genesis Media Global Consumer Internet Company is the partner of which is also conjoined with Yen and Tokyo. also introduced their Android mobile application throughout legit news become worlds 1st popular application in news app as over 500,000 people hit this app in May 2014. Hackers attacks on the website’s servers in July 2015 that’s why its news section again launched in August 2015 in the Hausa language. In 2017, legit news articles were also popular on Facebook. Generally, the website was upgraded to in October 2018.

Finding Legit News On The Internet

finding the legit news on the internet

Fake news sections can have real-life concerns. So, certainly, fake news is such a big trouble. As this fake news has acquired much attention of users, with titles demanding Pope Francis recognized Donald Trump in November’s voting and websites such as American News uploading confusing news or taking speech marks out of circumstance. But some people do not investigate on these news and trust on the sites that sharing fake news. In actual, these news are not true in any term, and people interested to know about legit news, so here are some aspects how you would find legit news on the internet:

Check Domain & URL Of The Site

Check Domain Name and Site URL

While finding legit news on the internet you must have to overlook the domain and URL of the site because newly established organization have their own domains that usually end with .com and they have a standard look that you are most familiar with these sites. But those sites that end with, are spreading fake news on the internet you must have to check out these sites from other sources that this news is legit or not like is a legit news site but is not legit it’s containing fake news and similarly arrived on the internet as a legit news site.

Read Carefully About “About Us” Section

To check out while it’s a legit news site or not you must have to overlook on the About Us section that this site running by a trustworthy organization or while a fake organization spreading fake news on the internet.

Pay Attention To The Quotes Written In News & Who Said This

Quotes written in the news sites are the main point of the news said by some person and who said these quotes are the main thing that he said these quotes or not, if the quotes are true you found legit news otherwise it’s fake news.

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