5 Best Banks of the UAE Every Expat Must use

Best Banks of the UAE

If you’re an expat in the United Arab Emirates, you’ll need a local bank account to make the most of your money. The UAE has a wide range of banks to choose from, so we’ve put together a list of the five best banks for expats. Whether you’re looking for low fees, good customer service, or a comprehensive range of products and services, one of these banks is sure to suit your needs. There are a plethora of banks in the UAE, but which ones are the best for expats? ShortList Dubai has narrowed it down to five.

5 Best Banks of the UAE Every Expat Must use

Emirates National Bank Dubai (ENBD)Emirates NBD bank

Emirates National Bank of Dubai (ENBD) is one of the United Arab Emirates’ leading banks, with a wide range of personal, business, and corporate banking services. The bank has a network of branches and ATMs across the UAE. It offers many services for expatriates. One of the most popular financial services that ENBD offers is its online banking platform. This allows customers to access their account information and conduct transactions using their computer or mobile device.

Another great service that ENBD offers is its customer support team.

Dubai Islamic BankDubai Islamic Bank

If you’re an expat looking for a bank in Dubai, the Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB) is a great option. DIB offers a range of banking products and services designed to meet its customers’ needs, including expats.

The bank strongly focuses on providing excellent customer service, and its branches are across the UAE. Whether you’re looking for a savings account, a personal loan, or financing for a new business, Dubai Islamic Bank can help you find the right solution for your needs.

Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB)Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank

Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB) is one of the leading banks in the United Arab Emirates that offers a range of banking products and services for both individuals and businesses. ADIB provides a convenient and reliable banking solution for expats living in Abu Dhabi. From opening a bank account to applying for a credit card, ADIB makes it easy for expats to get started with their banking needs.

Mashreq Neo

Mashreq Neo

Mashreq Neo is a digital banking platform offering a suite of banking products and services designed for customers new to the UAE. The platform provides an easy and convenient way for customers to open a bank account, transfer money, and make payments.

Mashreq Neo aims to change that with its innovative approach. The app offers a wide range of features that are designed to make life easier for its users. It also offers a rewards program that gives you cashback on your purchases.

National Bank of Ras Al-KhaimahNational Bank of Ras Al-Khaimah

The National Bank of Ras Al-Khaimah (RAKBANK) is a bank for expats in the United Arab Emirates. The bank offers a range of banking services to its customers, including personal and business banking and investment and Islamic banking. RAKBANK has a strong focus on customer service and offers 24/7 telephone banking, online banking, and mobile banking services.


There are many banks for expats. Each bank has its own unique features and benefits that make it the best choice for different individuals. However, all of these banks provide excellent customer service, a wide range of products and services, and competitive interest rates.

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