Al Wathba Beach Activities in Abu Dhabi

Al Wathba Beach, Resort & Activities in Abu Dhabi

The Al Wathba Nature Reserve is a place of green beauty in the midst of desert sands. The popular Al Wathba Desert Resort is situated around this nature reserve, featuring an artificial lagoon and several luxurious hotels, offering good accommodation options with world-class facilities to its guests.

Al Wathba Beach Abu Dhabi lays on the outskirts of Abu Dhabi city which are separated by the Emirates Road – E611 towards Dubai. It offers some great opportunities for camping, trekking and biking. At one end it faces the Arabian Gulf while at the other end it faces the Khor al Beidah or Canal that separates the mainland from Mussafah Island. Al Hayer lies close to this beach & resort area with salt marshes, desert animals, unique plants and birds.

Camping At Al Wathba Beach Abu Dhabi

Camping At Al Wathba Beach AbuDhabi

A well-equipped camping ground is an attraction for campers who not only get to sleep in the open sky under the stars but also enjoy activities like kayaking, cycling and camel riding. National Geographic Channel’s reality show, Naked And Afraid has been shot at this location which made it popular even among adventure seekers. Though you can stay

Seawater in Al Wathba Beach Abu Dhabi is non-existent. However, the lagoon water body that separates the mainland from Mussafah Island offers sufficient opportunities for swimming, kayaking and canoeing to its guests. The beach also has a number of activities like camel ride excursions in the daytime & bonfires at night for adventurous tourists. Plenty of hotel resorts are situated near this beautiful desert resort area offering world-class facilities to the visitors who visit the place during winters between November to February each year.

Trekking At Al Wathba Abu Dhabi


Trekking is one of the most popular activities here which also include a visit to a camel farm where you can ride a dromedary. You can experience a thrilling adventure as well as beautiful desert views on your way to the summit of Jebel Hafeet. Al Wathba Abu Dhabi offers camping, trekking and biking opportunities for adventure lovers.

Biking At Al Wathba Abu Dhabi

Biking At Al Wathba Abu Dhabi

Bikers can enjoy a 30 km long biking trail on the 2 lane path which takes you from desert dunes to the beach or from the summit of Jebel Hafeet to the calming waters of Khor al Beidah Canal. The 9 km biking trail built along the west edge of the reserve where a pedestrian trail runs along the beach provides a wonderful biking experience.

Other Activities at Al Wathba Abu Dhabi


The activities at Al Wathba Abu Dhabi include kayaking, canoeing and camel ride excursions. Kayak & Canoeing in Khor al Beidah can be enjoyed through accommodation packages that are available at the resorts around the beach. Excursions to Al Wathba Abu Dhabi’s camel farm offer you an amazing experience of riding a dromedary for short distances.

Khor al Beidah Canal near Al Wathba Abu Dhabi Apart from this, desert safaris and bonfires at night are enjoyable activities here.

How to Get at Al Wathba Abu Dhabi

How to Get at Al Wathba Abu Dhabi

To get to this beautiful desert resort, you can take the Emirates Road – E611 towards Dubai or Mussafah Bridge to leave the city of Abu Dhabi. Once you are at one end of the Khor al Beidah Canal, you can enjoy nature at its best by taking a boat ride in the canal or visiting Al Wathba Desert Resort and checking into one of their resorts.

Campsites near Al wathba Abu Dhabi

Campsites near Al wathba Abu Dhabi

The other end of Khor al Beidah leads to Mussafah which has an industrial zone and other commercial areas. A number of shopping malls are situated in this area which includes the Mussafah Streets and Marina Mall, Dragon Mart, Al Reem Island (the upcoming business district) and Arabian Village – a luxurious resort area.

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