Al-Hudayriat Island In Abu Dhabi


Al Hudayriat (or Al Hudairiya or Hidairiyeh) is an island in the coastal area of Abu Dhabi Emirate. It lies east of Reem Island and southwest of Yas island, near Khalifa Port. The island belongs to a group of islands known as the Eastern Mangroves, which also includes (clockwise starting from the north) Sir Bani Yas Island, Jebel Dhanna, Al Sila’a Island and Dalma Island.

Al Hudayriat is a natural island in Abu Dhabi city. It comprises four distinct landmasses divided by three water canals. Two of these landmasses are occupied by Reem International School and the Khalifa Port Container Terminal while the third occupies a large central area. The fourth lies north of Al Sila’a Island and is currently undeveloped.

The island’s name comes from the Arabic word ‘Hidairiyeh’, which means ‘canal’ or ‘riverbed’. The island’s proximity to the newly created Khalifa Port has resulted in it being referred to as a historic, cultural and natural extension of the mainland.

The island is a popular weekend getaway for locals looking to escape the city and unwind. However, it also attracts visitors from across the UAE who make a day trip or a visit there.

Visitors can take their pick from activities such as kayaking, jet skiing and snorkelling in addition to lounging on the white sand or exploring some of the around 50 natural islands around the archipelago.

What to Do at Al Hudayriat Island

The next time you find yourself in Abu Dhabi and would like to take some time out on a deserted island, just hop over to Al Hudayriat Island:

– Take a kayak tour around Al Hudayriat Island 


– Fishing tours can be arranged

Fishing tours can be arranged

– An outdoor BBQ and picnic area is available

An outdoor BBQ and picnic area is available

– Horseback riding 

Horseback riding 

– An adventure park for children 


– Restaurants and cafes serve visitors who visit the island all day long 


– Show cruises during sunset hours to enjoy a different view of Al Hudayriat Island

Show cruises during sunset hours to enjoy a different view of Al Hudayriat Island

– Scuba diving courses can be taken

Scuba diving courses can be taken

Al Hudayriat Island is one of the best spots to go cycling in Abu Dhabi. The bridge spans over Al Hudayriat Island and consists of two loops — a short 5 km loop and a longer 10 km loop for more experienced cyclists.

Along the way, visitors can marvel at spectacular sea views while taking in some magnificent skylines. The cycling track is also well-lit at night to accommodate cyclists who prefer a late start.

The dedicated bike track allows cyclists to take in the magnificent views of the Etihad Towers, Downtown skyline and the Arabian Gulf. It’s easy to access from Sheikh Zayed Bridge makes it ideal for those wanting an after-work or weekend activity.

For cyclists looking for a longer ride, you can also head to Yas Island. There are bicycle paths right across the island itself, with cycling tracks in Saadiyat Beach Park and in Yas Links Golf Course.

It’s important to remember that when riding on the dedicated cycling track in Abu Dhabi always be mindful of other cyclists around you. Give way to uphill cyclists by using your brakes gently and allowing them to pass, while giving way to downhill cyclists by moving off the track.

Remember that you are sharing the road with motorists, so please try to use proper cycling etiquette at all times. Helmets are recommended for every cyclist out there. Make sure they fit properly before hitting the road.

When cycling in Abu Dhabi, please also remember to keep within the speed limit of 40km/h on tracks and 60km/h on roads. Otherwise, you may find yourself with a penalty fine.

Now that we’ve got some general safety rules out of the way, it’s time for some fun!

You can also visit the eco-park on the island, which is home to Arabian oryx, zebra and houbara bustards. Al Hudayriat Island is located about 150 kilometres southwest of Abu Dhabi. The trip takes only 45 minutes by car from Abu Dhabi Corniche.


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