7 Secret Facts About Baseball Game Uncovered

players playing baseball on the pitch

I’m sure you all must have heard of the name of the game “base-ball” but what exactly is it and how famous is in today’s world?  What are the rules that govern the game? How and when did it develop? Let’s take a look!

A Brief History Of Baseball

Evolving from older bat and ball games that were being played actively in England in the mid-18th century, baseball was brought to North America by immigrants. Eventually and over time baseball became the national sport of the US in the late 19th century (a brief history of baseball)Taking a start in America, baseball has now become a game that is played across the world. Many people would not know much about baseball because it is still not as well-known as other games so let’s explore some interesting facts about the game.

Interesting Facts About Baseball That May Surprise You!

Let us surprise you with some amazing facts about baseball:

1. A Baseball Has 108 Double Stitches

108 double stitches on a baseball

While most claim that there are 216 stitches because they are double, there are actually 108 stitches and the first and the last are not seen because they hide under the leather. Lasting only six pitches, it means 5-6 dozen baseballs are being used in each game.

2. Baseball Was Used As A Morale Booster During Civil War

Baseball was used as a Morale Booster During Civil War

Being a famous pastime during the civil war, baseball was played by Americans as both a morale booster as well as being an emotional escape. It was in the war in 1861-65 that the popularity of baseball increased.

3. Fact About Baseball Bats

Collection of Baseball Bats

In the major and minor leagues, baseball bats are made from wood whereas at the college level metal bats are used for baseball!

4. Wiping Hands-on Pitcher’s Uniform

While many of you may not even know, it is a set rule that the pitcher has to first wipe hands on his uniform before gripping the ball for the pitch.

5. Ball Hits

baseball foul balls are thrown into th crowd

It is calculated that in an average major league of a baseball game, almost 50 balls that are foul are hit into a crowd of almost 31,000 people.  

6. Visiting Team & Home Team Uniforms

Grey Uniform for Visiting teams in the Baseball

In a baseball game, grey uniforms are worn by visiting teams to distinguish them from the home team. This tradition sets back in a time of late 1800s when grey was worn by the traveling teams who did not have time to launder their shirts and hence wore them to hide the dirt.

7. Shine Removing Rule

According to this baseball game rule, it is stated that before every game the umpire must remove the shine from the brand-new baseballs. This must be done by rubbing them with mud that is taken from New Jersey, from a special creek that is in Burlington city. 

With the growing and rising trend of baseball as a game, gaining worldwide importance, baseball has some interesting facts many that are usually hidden and here are some of them. Interesting right? If you are a baseball fan, these facts would be of great interest to you!